Early Childhood Education Center

"Setting the Foundation of a Lifetime"

Collaborative Partnerships with Parents for Student Achievement

Education is the shared responsibility of schools, parents and families, and the community.  Community resources are made available to strengthen school programs, family practices, and student learning.  Children’s Nest is committed to active alliances between parents/guardians and families and the education community to support every child’s educational achievements.  Our all-embracing, collaborative efforts include working with local school district agencies, community based organizations, early childhood organizations, parent/child resource centers, and other organizations.

Positive, open communication between school and families is a priority at Children’s Nest. Parents are welcome in the school, and their support and assistance is encouraged.  Communication between teachers, parents, and school administration is consistent, mutually-respectful, supportive, and conducted in the language or manner of communication best accessible to parents and caregivers.



Families, as the first teachers of children from the day they are born, play an important and pivotal role in the lives of children.  When a child enters our school, parents and families can help to ensure that their child achieves to the best of her/his ability, and receives the full potential of high quality educational opportunities.

Enhanced student achievement is linked to engaging parents and families in the education process, and cooperative relationships that encourages parental involvement and participation, to promote the social, emotional, and academic growth of children.  Children’s Nest mission, philosophy and polices are intended to promote successful educational partnerships, and the engagement of parents and families to improve educational outcomes for all children.  Children’s Nest encourages collaborative relationships among parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure the academic achievement of all schoolchildren. Creative opportunities for parents and families to participate in their child’s educational experiences support life-long academic achievement.